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"She is absolutely inspirational in the ways she understands children and their needs."
Kim Y. ~ Glendale, CA


When you become a parent you are new at everything, nothing can really prepare you for it, each child is unique,

and there is no doubt you will struggle. Janet Ann has the education, insight and experience to help with a less is more approach to resolving conflict, setting boundaries and maintaining sanity.  Her ability to connect with children and understand their culture is inspiring and something every parent will benefit from.”

Savitri Y. ~ Salem, OR

Mother connecting with her baby up in the air


The Importance of Outdoor, Unstructured Play

The importance of play cannot be understated but why unstructured and outdoors? Learn what the current research learned about play on a child’s well-being, their kindergarten readiness and their lifelong connection to the environment.

Ages: 2-8

How We Talk Matters

This workshop introduces over 40 phrases including the “Top 5 Pearls” that parents and teachers can use at home or in a classroom. You’ll learn why children respond so well to this child-centered language and how to use it.

Ages: 2-5

Big Changes and Loss
In A Child’s Life


Learn how preschoolers are affected by big life changes and loss and how adults can support them. Understand the differences between loss, trauma and stress and when to seek professional help. 

Ages: 2-8

The 5 Basic Steps Of
Conflict Resolution 

Learn to model the language, behaviors and values you want and encourage children to solve their own problems.

Learn about your role as the bridge between children of different ages, skills and emotional needs using these 5 simple steps.

Ages: 1-5

Setting Limits 101  

Learn a child-centered language and tools that support your child’s need for consistent limits and connection. You’ll also learn the differences between limits and rules, the importance of natural & logical consequences and positive reinforcement. 

Ages: 2-5

Parents connecting with young child by swinging her in the air and holding hands

Experience the Transformative Power of  Parent Education 

In-Person, Online and Private Workshops
for Families and Schools

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